Customer Awards

Have you and your company implemented a best-in-class, innovative data or analytics solution? Has it made significant contributions to your organization’s business goals? Then you need to nominate your project for a Teradata EPIC Award in 2014.

These awards are open to all customers of Teradata, including government agencies. Entries will be judged by an independent panel of judges, who will evaluate submissions according to the implementation’s strategic importance to the business.

Category: Analytical Excellence

Solutions that improve business decision making by increasing the accuracy or speed of business insights, and by delivering measurable improvements in organizational performance and/or productivity. Entries may describe solutions that are based on customer data, operational data, and/or financial data, and/or deliver insights based on multiple data sources, platforms, applications or tools, or on multiple types of data.

Category:  Big Data Excellence

Winners in this category are doing groundbreaking work to deliver business outcomes using big data and BI technologies and techniques.  They have achieved a known competitive advantage through the effective capture, management, mining, and analysis of large volumes of unstructured data sets.  Successful projects, for example, will have enabled business agility and enhanced decision making by providing visibility into critically important internal performance metrics or insights into important trends.

Category: Customer Insights and Engagement

Solutions that deliver customer insights from any channel and help drive customer engagement, response, or loyalty; implementations that optimize marketing programs and processes across channels; initiatives that use technologies such as real-time load, mobile access to information by customers or employees, real-time analysis of sales or service data to create a 360-degree view of the customer and improve business results.

Category:  Innovation and Leadership

This category honors a top Technologist or Business Leader (CIO, CMO, vice president or director) who generated a positive impact on their organization, leading integration of business and IT and the application of Teradata technology to improve his or her company’s business performance. This nominee enabled breakthrough success by implementing innovative, solutions to business problems to drive business results in cost-effective ways.

Category: Integrated Marketing Management

Recognizes excellence in integrating people, processes, and technologies across the entire marketing organization — and possibly outside the marketing organization, too — to increase the effectiveness of marketing efforts, improve internal efficiency, and drive marketing return on investment. The solution could include the integration of various marketing channels, increasing the alignment between marketing and sales, improving the customer experience, or integrating activities within the marketing lifecycle (planning, development, and campaign management execution).

Category: Integrated View of the Business

Solutions that break down silos to deliver insights by connecting disparate systems, data sources and/or data structures across an organization. These implementations deliver an integrated view of the business that results in true business intelligence, new business opportunities, and performance improvements, and they allow for the reuse of data.

Category: Operational Excellence

Implementations that have delivered measurable improvements in the organization’s operations, such as forecasting or anticipating customer demand; improving inventory management, supply chain visibility or asset monitoring/sensing; increasing sustainable business practices and resource optimization; improving transparency, compliance or risk management; and other deployments that deliver greater operational efficiencies and improve the bottom line.

Category: On the Edge

Cutting-edge, industry-leading innovations that are based on emerging, breakthrough business applications such as big data analytics, web intelligence, social media analytics or telematics that connect multiple services, platforms, applications and tools into a cohesive and transparent analytical environment. These solutions make optimal use of available technologies across their organization to pioneer new products, services or processes to help change the direction of an organization, or they may address a problem that before seemed impossible to solve.